Walid Akkad

Lebanon, a civilized, fragrant
and blessed land. A strict but
loving childhood. War and exile.
One passion, one school,
the BJOP, “Union Française
de la Bijouterie, de la Joaillerie,
de l’Orfèvrerie, des Pierres
et des Perles (The French Union
of Jewellers, Goldsmiths, Stones
and Pearls). Prizes, encounters,
orders, a name. Removed from
the flurry and frenzy of city life,
Walid Akkad designs, draws,
sculpts and shapes each piece
of his collections.
They are manufactured
in the best Parisian workshops
under his stringent supervision.
All Walid Akkad’s jewels
are the combined result of his love
of nature, his quest for beauty,
his knowledge and taste for original
and rare stones, his infinite patience
and the perfect mastery of his art.
A gradual and quiet evolution away
from current trends and fashions
gives each piece of jewellery
the undeniable signature of a true
creator. Inimitably sober,
the collection is perfectly identifiable
and each piece is as surprising,
if not more so, than the next.
Coming soon!
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